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Annual membership fee of € 70 for physicians and € 40 for Residents in Training provided the majority of the society joins EAES, or if committed to a three years membership a three for two fee, i.e. paying for two years, be a member for three years. All members will benefit from the privileges as an active member as follows:

  • A membership certificate officially notified by E.A.E.S. central office to assess practice of surgical endoscopy and allied technologies. This certificate has a great interest in endoscopic surgery practice to inform the patients.
  • E.A.E.S. subscription to Surgical Endoscopy (electronic version), the official scientific journal of E.A.E.S., the first endoscopic journal which impact factor is at the level of the main surgical journals.
  • Electronic access to the following journals:
    1. Annals of Surgical Oncology
    2. Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery
    3. World Journal of Surgery
  • The possibility to sign up for SpringerAlert, an innovative, free-of-charge service that notifies users via e-mail whenever new articles become electronically available, and automatically sends the table of contents and direct links to the abstracts
  • Eurolink, the official E.A.E.S. newsletter sent free of charge which aims at distributing all information in the field of surgical endoscopy in the broadest sense. Its regular appearance ensures the prompt exchange of news concerning latest developments and events.
  • Participation to the E.A.E.S. congress each year in Europe and joining the World Congress of Endoscopy each two years at a reduced registration fee. These congresses are the best opportunity to evaluate the procedures according to the experience of reference centers and to assess guidelines of endoscopic surgery thanks to specific programs organized by E.A.E.S. working parties, with accredited teaching activities and continuous medical education programs. The highest level of dissemination of endoscopic surgery research, technological development and clinical progress and practice is developed.
  • Participation in the postgraduate courses of the E.A.E.S. organized each year during the congress at a reduced registration fee, corresponding to a continuous medical education program.
  • Participation in the E.A.E.S. accredited endoscopic surgery meetings, symposia and workshops if applicable, at a reduced registration fee. Indeed many experts in all countries are organizing these activities which have to be supported by the scientific and educational committees of the society.
  • Access to the annual consensus conference, a specific concept of the E.A.E.S. organized by specifically formed expert working groups covering different topics.
  • Application for participation in the EAES fellowship program consisting of a three months training program in major minimal invasive centers located in Europe and the United States.
  • Application for EAES Research grants. Every year 3 projects will be awarded with a grant amount ranging between €10,000.- and €50,000.-
  • Travel grants, awards and prizes in association with the E.A.E.S. congress and postgraduate activities of the E.A.E.S.
  • Possibility to participate in scientific activities by applying for membership in the various EAES committees